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Experience and Wisdom shared from one homeschool family to the next.

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Rhonda would often find herself encouraging other moms and helping them create lesson plans, choose curriculum, set goals, and manage their time better. Rhonda later founded a business called Completions Homeschooling Services. She hired and trained homeschooled teenagers to go into the homes of young homeschooling moms to assist them with tasks, such as light cleaning, tutoring, babysitting, etc. Rhonda’s passion for seeing homeschoolers flourish made her an excellent motivator and educator for parents.

Rhonda brings more than 19 years of homeschooling experience to the education/coaching arena, along with her ability to teach all ages with ease. She taught all three of her children until college, resulting in a 100% college acceptance rate and over $100K in scholarship money. After graduating her children from homeschool, Rhonda worked for three years in the financial services industry, educating and coaching clients on debt elimination and wealth building. She received her investment representative credentials— earning her series 63, 6, & 26 licenses. There she built a sales team and learned how to market herself well. Although Rhonda still occasionally conducts workshops where she advocates for financial literacy, she has moved on from the financial services business to return to providing homeschooling services to parents. In the fall of 2019, she wrote and published her first book called “Homeschooling Worked for Us: You Are Your Child’s Solution” (#1 Amazon Best Seller).

Today, you will find Rhonda busy pointing more and more parents towards homeschooling. She believes that educating her own children changed her family’s trajectory, and because of her experience, she knows that homeschooling changes families and families change the world.

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