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Give Up to Gain More

Growing up I thought it was normal to live in a home where walls, closets and corners were occupied with stuff. After all, things are needed, right? 

Our treasures and heirlooms, everyday necessities, gifts and accumulated ‘must haves’ that found their way in by our hand or another contributing family member. Our living space was shared with things. 

All was cramped but well.

So I thought.

But; those things actually shared the living space with us.

Have you seen an episode of the TV show Hoarders© At the time, I was not aware my parents were hoarders. Now I am. Hoarders hoard stuff. Simple analysis. 

One of the biggest issues I have faced going through the Decluttering process, lifestyle and mentality is: letting go of attachments and memories linked to stuff.

The bigger rewards I have enjoyed in releasing so much are: freed up space, less cleaning and maintaining objects. These rewards opened each day to being and doing more with those I love.

Decluttering and deciding which memorabilia from kiddos and loved ones to keep can be overwhelming. Here’s a lady with great advice in this area It is a process. Why not include the whole family?

So what do you say? Less time maintaining and cleaning all our things or more time each day to spend with those we care about the most? For most of us, our choice would be those we cherish.

Live with less stuff. 

Love with more you.

About the Author: Wina Rushing is an Autism Paraprofessional in the Kansas City, KS area with almost 20 years working with kiddos. She has three daughters, two son-in-loves, one brilliant grandson and her first princess granddaughter two years ago. Besides her love for family, Wina has found a love for writing, singing, and painting. Always pressing herself to remember: each day is a step forward, each day an opportunity. Each day matters.

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