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Couch Time

Remember the day you said, “I do” in the presence of God and witnesses? Next to the day you received Christ, it was the best day of your life. You couldn’t imagine growing any closer to your sweetie but knew that marriage should be just that–the two becoming one flesh. But fast forward a number of years and a minivan full of kids later, and that emotional intimacy may have taken the backseat to the gale-force demands of life: grocery shopping, appointments, homework, music lessons, and sports. 

Yes, you’re busy. But you are too busy if you aren’t spending time working on your marriage. Even without date nights, though, you can still get some face time with your spouse. 

It might sound mechanical at first, but trust me . . . it can become the highlight of your day. I’m talking about Couch Time. Before or after dinner, set a timer for 10 to 15 minutes (and have the kids work on homework, put away clutter, or whatever, but instruct them not to interrupt. Unless there’s blood involved). Dedicate half the time to positive topics; focus on your blessings and good things from the day’s events. Deal with “issues” last. 

Who knows? You might just rekindle the flame as brightly as the day you started your “happily ever after.” And your children will see you building their firm foundation right before their eyes.

About the Author: Anita Nish is a born-again follower of Jesus Christ, pastor’s wife, mom of five, and homeschool mom of  20+ years. She has a Bachelor’s degree in French and English and a Master’s degree in English education. After serving her family and her church, her third greatest desire is to teach younger women the principles of Titus chapter 2: to love their husbands, to love their children, and to be workers in their homes. 

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