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Setting A Schedule

As a teacher, one of my greatest sources of accountability came from creating a schedule. It helped to ensure that I was covering the content I needed on a daily/weekly basis. It gave my students activities to look forward to and they became a source of accountability as well. When the day got chaotic, the schedule is what helped us get back on track.

Here are some tips to help when creating a schedule: 

  •  Identify what is most important to accomplish that day.  Prioritizing tasks is so important when you are wanting to get things done. If you’re having a hard time discerning, invite your spouse, your kids, or a friend that you trust to shed some insight.
  • Start with creating a schedule for only an hour or two. Sometimes the biggest pitfall when sticking to a schedule is adding too many tasks, feeling overwhelmed, then defeated. If you start with a smaller amount of time, it’s like taking a “baby step” and you learn more effectively as you go. 
  • Include your children/students in creating the schedule. Inviting them to be a part will get them excited about what is happening during the day. Space out the activities they are eager to get to between important tasks that may not be their favorite. This will help them stay motivated and engaged. 
  • Make a list of tasks that you want to accomplish and extend grace to yourself if you do not get everything done! When you have tasks you do not complete, decide if they should be added as the first tasks to get done the next day or let them go and focus on what is important for tomorrow!

For more tips on creating an effective schedule, check out this website: https://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newHTE_07.htm

About the Author: Christen McAfee is an educator who loves to connect with families and build relationships with her students. She believes writing is one of the greatest ways to express thought, experience, and learning. Besides writing, Christen enjoys hanging out with her husband, family, and friends and trying new foods!

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